wired trees & lego engines [art]

It’s time to introduce a little bit of art to this blog, since we already have explosions, hobbits, & an easy-on-the-brain explanation of string theory. If your idea of art involves stuffy museums and oil on canvas, expect a little something different below.

A user on reddit has posted this impressive illuminated tree which is made from Electroluminescent (EL) wire.

El-wire tree

Maybe this is a glimpse of ecology from the future.

More art after the jump!

This next piece of art is made from the child-hood staple LEGO, although I’m doubtful many kids choose to make Rolls-Royce engines like the one seen on the MAKE magazine website.

The model is 1/2 scale of the real life engine. Does this mean that everyone can call themselves an official artist if they played with those familiar little blocks as a kid?  I hope so.

check this out

MAKE magazine is hosting a Makers Camp on Google+ this summer. According the Google official blog (challenge: visit the blog and try NOT to play with the dots on the top of the page) they will be making regular posts over the next few weeks.

That’s the idea behind Maker Camp, a new online “summer camp” on Google+. Over the course of six weeks, 13- to 18-year-olds (as well as their parents and teachers) will have the opportunity to collaborate with popular maker personalities—including Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing, Stephen and Fritz of EepyBird (the Coke and Mentos guys), Jimmy DiResta (co-host of Dirty Money on the Discovery Channel) and Limor Fried (founder of Adafruit)—and other creative teens on fun projects themed around “the art of making.” Our goal is to encourage everyone this summer to make something and share it with their friends and family.

Take a peek at some of the stuff they are cover this week including model rocketry and gifs.



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